The new PS3 is obtained before the launch, the photos which were taken apart are released at once

On August 19th of Japan time, Sony realized slimmer, lighter weight, lower power consumption, which is two thirds of the previous time, and furthermoreNew model PS3 of the 120 GB model which lowered the price to 30,000 yen or lessAlthough it announced, how the photos which I tried to obtain by breaking it by flying before the release date of September 3 (overseas is September 1) was released at once.

In some of the other generation's current generation game machinesAs a result of the insufficient cooling mechanism, the heat can not be discharged and it breaksAlthough there was a story such as saying, what is the cooling mechanism of the new PS 3?

Details are as below.
PlayStation 3 Slim Teardown - iFixit

This is the outer box of the new PS3

The contents look like this

First remove the pin at the bottom of the main unit and take out the HDD with the slot.

Pull out the screws on the front of the main unit one by one

Continue to pull out all screws on the bottom

I opened the cover. The power supply unit has the Blu - ray drive on the right side and the cooling unit on the left side.

Cooling unit. It is the size next to the largest volume Blu - ray drive, and it is made to conscious of waste heat.

Remove the power supply unit and remove the Blu - ray drive and cooling unit.

The cover covering the board is removed

This is the board of the new PS3

It might be easier to understand by arranging it like this

Cell processor to be the CPU of PS3

And graphics chipset "RSX (Reality Synthesizer)"

I was surprised that the Blu - ray drive was the largest, but if we succeed in miniaturizing the drive itself, will it lead to further thinness and miniaturization of the main body in the future? However, considering the cooling mechanism, it may take time to make a big downsizing yet.

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