"From 1800 years ago, society people look 90%." Panel with words and phrases or "puppet theater Three Kingdoms" Zhao Yun etc. Mikokushi materials various

Shinnaga received a devastating blow at the Great Hanshin Earthquake. The station south side is "Urban Redevelopment"Asta KukazukaSix buildings of commercial and residential complex were built. Of this time"Sangokushi festival", Sankokushi collections were exhibited and sold using the 1st floor of the 2nd building.

movies"Red cliff",movies"Sangokushi",movies"I work for a black company, but I may be the limit already", Game Yarrow's"Three Kingdoms", Square Enix's manga"Blade Three Kingdoms",manga"Punctuate Magical Mask Angel! It is! Luzuko-chan, Gakken "History group image series",Anime"Souten"Tide publishing company"Miki Yokoyama Sangokushi, Kinki Nippon Tourist "Three Kingdoms Tour"Not only companies such as Nagano Prefecture Iida Municipal"Kihachiro Kawamoto Puppet Museum",Saitama Prefecture Shanxi Province Friendship Memorial Museum God Yi Temple, Mitsuoka Yamaguchi "Three Kingdoms Castle Museum"Museums and museums also exhibited at the booth, and there were exhibits that were not bothered by Sangokushi fans as well.

Details are as below.
Collection venue entrance. If you do not know that you are doing the "Sangokushi Festival" it may be a little somewhere that you may not have approached.

Iron Man is showing here as well. It seems this is a prototype monument.

The head which has not been attached yet seems to be like this.

Toshiki Yokoyama 's booth at Tidal Publishing Company that publishes' Three Kingdoms'. Comic volume 30 volumes and underlay, clear file was sold. It seems that Mr. Zhuge Ryo says, "Great service to prepare for the deficit".

Next to there was a poster gallery of Mitsukushi Yokoyama "Sangokushi" Aichi edition. A copy that is funny and laughable has been attached, so that you can enjoy Yokoyama Sangokushi again.

"I had been from 1800 years ago, a salaried man who is stupid with alcohol.":Ryu-biAlthough I made a promise to break the sake, I got drunkZhang FeiHe hit me.CaoI bought a grudge against him and was hostile at the timeLu clothInvited by the militaryBottomI will be robbed of the castle. (Aichi version 5 volumes)

"I thought that it was a wasp.: Jingzhou's descendantCaiIsCao CaoAlthough it was appointed to the military 's water army big city superior, Kure' sZhou YuI'm defeated by the water army. (Aichi edition 12 volumes)

"You are also you.": It was falling in Wei at Genjiu's warlordsmanMengIsZhuge LiangI was invited and decided inside. At that time,ShibaThere are also 1,200 ri from the direction of you to the new castle where you are located, and there is preparation for plenty to go to Luoyang which was 800 km away from the destination in order to get out, so it is ready for plenty " . However, according to the concerns of various Zhuge Liang, Shiba was promoted in day and night cumulative instead of Luoyang, so Mengchi was suppressed without being prepared in time. (Aichi edition 25 volumes)

"Let's fight against power and prevent aging.": My daughterDedicationAfter being a side room of Han, Tadashi MasaoArcadeOne day a band is awarded from the emissary. Among them, a blood book of overwhelming Cao by the god was hidden. (Aichi Version 8 Volume)

"Do you know "compliance"?: Wei's warrior ·DikeI woke up while Zhou Yu slept as I was drunk and drunk with my old friend Zhou Yu and saw a secret letter on my bedroom desk. (Aichi edition 12 volumes)

"From 1800 years ago, the salaried worker was enduring power hara.It was my brother.KanuBecause of the fighting battle of Zhang Fei to say that to prepare a white shelf within three days will be applied to Zhengzhi and Zhang Zheng below. Zhang Fei tied such Shenjiang and Zhang to the tree and whipped it. (Aichi version 22 volumes)

"I came! Mu cha of the director! It is!":SutraCao Cao attacking is flooded with food due to flood. So, decide that King Kim of the Food Fertilizer has decided to divert herself and asked him to head out to Wang plot. (Aichi Version 6 Volume)

"Although I read Sangokushi, I forgot the difference between "strategy" and "tactics" again.Liu Bei, chased by Cao Cao's army, encounters Zhuge Liang, not aiming for unification of the people, but to obtain the land of Shu, to make a new country, to split the Tenchi and to crush Cao's ambition To get out. (Aichi Version 11 Volume)

""I have a sense of nature" Such a nature, there is no need."Cao Cao, who led the army and attacked Shu, falls into a dilemma with the various measures of Zhuge Liang. (Aichi edition 20 volumes)

"I got a chance. It was the beginning of a pinch."Although Zhang Fei was told that it is not suitable for protecting the castle due to poor drinking habits, he decided to take charge of defending the castle with the promise of Liu Bei and wine drinking. However, after that, there will be failures in sake introduced earlier, and you will be robbed of the castle. (Aichi version 5 volumes)

"From 1800 years ago, people of society look 90%.": Zhuge Liang is said to be" Wolongong ", while Shihua was called" Kodoko ". Liu Bei was listening to Taka 's talent from Mr. Ryuza, but because the wind was not too clear, I applied to the regional leisure. (Aichi version 15 volumes)

"Director I'm crazy about this, please."Liu Bei, who was attacking Yuanju, will be robbed of Zhang Fei's castle by his misfortunes, and will have an enemy of Yuanju before and Luffu in the back. Liu Bei, who heard that the Lu Fat Army came towards such a situation, instantly escapes, saying, "With life it is possible to aim for the next opportunity." (Aichi version 5 volumes)

"Talking about just dreams, I'm such age old unnoticed."The subordinate became scattered,Liu tableLiu Bei, who had been drawn to under the umbrella, is aimed at Cai 配 under the Liu table due to the existence of its existence and escapes because of his life. Liu Bei, who raised a volunteer army at a young age, was 40 years old without being able to fulfill Tenchi Unification and possess his own country. (Love version 10 volumes)

"You are the enemy better than the enemy.": Protect KanuwaYangyangWei army to attack.MoralityI object to putting a club in a place where I can not move freely, but I was given the commandIncarcerationHe had no ear to hear. (Aichi edition 20 volumes)

""Come around me! Looking back, there was no one.A soldier has escaped every night from the wandering Lu-cloth army that was robbed of the castle. (Aichi version 5 volumes)

"My boss's mistake often changes to my mistake.": Insist on all military sortiesCao JinHe said he would remain to protect the castle againstLiI will be somewhat singled out for betrayal. However, he was defeated, and Cao went backwards that it was because his wariness was not enough. (Love version 10 volumes)

"The jealousy of work is more troubling than the jealousy of romance.": A man who felt it was felt as the same martialian against Zhuge Liang, who has received total confidence from Liu Bei, insists on Liu Bei's forcing. As a result, Shishi will lose his life. (Aichi version 17 volumes)

"Half of the aura of a great man is made of huttari.":Dong-TuCao Cao, who was forced to assassinate and was forced to pursue was a member of old-fashionedLuxuryTake care of the house. In the evening, Cao Cao who heard the sound of sharpening the blade knocks out the leader and thought that he was trying to capture him, killing all the family, but in reality it was only preparing for cooking to serve Cao Cao. Cao Cao Cao Cao Cao Cao Cao "I will shake that the people under the weather turn away from me unless I turn to the heavens". (Aichi Version 2 Volume)

"Even a present is a presentation."Kanu, who scattered with Liu Bei and Zhang Fei, surrenders to Cao Cao for the occasion of defending Liu Bei's wife and child and finding Liu Bei someday. Cao Cao, who wants to make such a queen wing subordinate, treats Kanu warmly. (Aichi Version 9 Volume)

"Results-oriented? That's about 1800 years ago.In the Battle of NambucanOuirairaYaMajusōI am dissatisfied with being the leaderZhao Yun,WeihengI will invite you to decide to escape. (Aichi edition 23 volumes)

There were many booths besides the tide publishing company. DVD was sold at Redcliffe 's booth.

This is a sale of T-shirts. Sell ​​Korean goods selling various kindsBritish figure imageIt seems that it was exhibiting.

At the booth of the Kawachiro Kawamoto "Puppet play The Three KingdomsWas used inKihachiro KawamotoZhao Yun's doll by hand was on display.

A stage was set up in the back, and the performance of the koto seems to have been done.

When I left the collection venue and wandered around the shopping street, I found a huge panel. This is with Wei's summer Hou 惇Forgiveness.

This is Shu'sFive Tigers GeneralI am drawing.

A mysterious mysterious thing laying beside. When we attach the panel above, it becomes a huge lantern and we are going to do a parade in the evening.

Calligraphy exhibition of 'Three Kingdoms' Any Contest'. While there are many children who wrote "red wall", the choice "Zhou Yu" is astringent.

Because the contest is genre innocent, some people make such a model. It seems that the one that Shu got in a series of battles from the red wall is that it was South Jingzhou.

"One hundred thousand arrow necklaces" derived from a gossiping episode when Zhuge Liang makes 100,000 arrows in three days. It is said that he made it over three days in fact, comparing to Sangokushi.

There was a contest venue in front of "Tombu Temple".

Cao Cao is on a horse-drawn carriage with four heads.

It is said that they had donated exhibits of entertainment held at Kobe Harborland.

It seems that we are doing such an event at Tombu Temple.

In addition, there was a banner of military commander who appeared in Mikunashi Yokoyama Mikuni across the shopping district. It was too spectacular, so I took a good picture.

Mr. Yokoyama's drawing of the Sangokushi warlord banner totaling 128 people

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