Movie trailer parody movie "Inglourious Plummers" where Mario and Luigi go to war with the Kuppa army

To counter the Kuppa army, a parody movie like a movie trailer made with the situation that Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and others got a weapon and went to fight ...... appeared. The title of the movie is "Inglourious Plummers", which it took from Director Quentin Tarantino's latest work "Inglourious Basterds". The content of the movie is also developed like tracing the original trailer.

Details are as below.
First of all, the original "Inglourious BasterdsTrailer. It became the basis of the parody(Mov file) 1st traileris.

Starring is Brad Pitt. The film set in France occupied by Germany during World War II and seems to depict the fight between a lieutenant who is trying to drive the German army and Jewish soldiers gathered under it .


Nazi Germany is the enemy to beat.

Are you transporting prisoners of war?

A hook cross engraved on the forehead.

Meanwhile, the following is a trailer movie of parody "Inglourious Plummers".GamervisionIt is said that it produced.

YouTube - Inglourious Plummers Trailer

Soldiers are familiar.

The enemies are koppa.

Somehow I will rob a star.

Hey HoTransferring.

Wallio's forehead was engraved with "W".

Mario fighting with fireball.

Princess Peach has a gun in hand.

It is a feeling that the Mario world became blood smelling at a stretch.

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