Sylvester · Stallone Director · Screenplay · Starring Action Movie "The Expendables (The Expendables)" The latest trailer appears

Action movie whose director, scriptwriter, starring actor Sylvester Stallone known for "Rambo" "Rocky" series acts as "starring"The Expendables (Expendables)"The latest trailer has appeared.

This work is known as a work with super gorgeous casts, and in addition to Stallone, the main character team has "Transporter"Jason Statham, "Dragon Kingdom"Jet LiIn addition to others,Bruce WillisYaArnold SchwarzeneggerThe governor of California also shows her face.

Details are as below.The Expendables trailers and video clips on Yahoo! Movies

Mystery bike.

Stallone looking at the shadow of the wall. It is not Ramba.

Is the enemy a wreck.

Stallone with a fearless smile.

I smell something wrong somewhat.

Scene where the three major stars named Sylvester · Stallone, Bruce · Willis, Arnold · Schwarzenegger are in alignment.

A heroine that is banished.

It seems to be very bad ... ....

And battle.


Jet Li raging heavily.

Jason Statham rushing in by plane.

The Expendables' s release is planned for summer in the United States.

It is a movie of some nostalgic feeling that you can understand the story somewhat with just the trailer. Stallone also took a direct offer to Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Dam, but he seems to have been refused. If it was realized, it would have been a more ridiculous movie.

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