Colorful water grass in the bottom of the water is beautiful "Cano Cristales"

There is a river called "Caño Cristales" in Colombia. The length is about 100 km and the aquatic plants are growing on the bottom of the river, but every year for only a short period of time it is not only green but algae and moss flowers color the river side for blue, black, red, etc. " Beautiful river "and" river that flows to heaven ".

Details are as below.
Caño Cristales | Sierra de la Macarena, Colombia | Atlas Obscura

CAÑO CRISTALES, El río que es escapó del paraiso

Bright red from top to bottom.

Contrast between red and green.

Even though it is red, it is close to pink or crimson, color varies.

The vicinity here looks vermilion.

If the bottom of the bottom is red it is far from the image of a normal river so it may be the idea of ​​"flowing in heaven". However, it seems to me that it is beautiful that it is clear blue.

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