Women are good at seeing things in front of us, men looking at things far away

"God dwells in details"Mies van der RoheAlthough it is a male, in general it seems that females are closely watching the details and men tend to view the whole thing.

When men and women condemn each other, this is the difference between men and women that are used in abstract meanings such as "women do not see the forest" women and "insensitive to the details" man, It is supported by research that gender differences are not good at acquiring superior player in capturing.

Details are as below.The long and short of how men and women see | Mail Online

Hammersmith & West London College(Hammersmith & West London College)In the study of psychologist Helen Stancey, it turned out that men are good at discriminating distant subjects, while women are good at focusing at close range. This research result isBritish Journal of PsychologyIt is announced in.

This reflects how the male and female brains developed in the process of evolution. Men who go hunting needed ability to find distant prey, but women needed to be good at finding nearby fruits, tree nuts, roots of eatable plants, etc.

In the experiments with 48 men and women, the midpoint of the two lines drawn on the paper was indicated with a laser pointer, whereas the male was more accurate at the distance of 100 cm from the object, At the distance of 50 cm, the results show that women are more accurate.

Helen Stancey says, "We already know that visual information from short and long distances is handled by different paths in the brain.The results of our research show that in women the route for seeing nearby is , Suggesting that men have a dominant route for viewing far away. "

Also, in experiments using sticks instead of laser pointers, women were able to point the midpoint of the line with markedly higher precision than men at both distances. This is thought to be because the brain can handle distant visual information in the same way as nearby by focusing on the rod.

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