"1 trillion dollars" - only one tenth of the American public money injection amount can do this

The worldwide financial crisis triggered by collapse of Lehman Brothers, a securities company in the fall of 2008, caused serious business crises in many financial institutions and companies. On the other hand, various remedies have been taken by governments, but the most obvious one is the injection of public funds. Although it is supposed to support huge financial aid to support management, reality is that its seriousness is becoming obscure because it is too big.

So, what exactly can you do if you use "1 trillion dollars (about 93 trillion yen)" of only one tenth of the currently estimated amount of public money injected? An accounting software maker in the United States produced a video to explain the thing in an easy-to-understand manner.

Details are below.
One Trillion Dollars Visualized from www.mint.com

You can drink 3 dollars (about 280 yen) of caffe latte everyday for 900 million years

You can purchase all things and services sold in Australia in one year

You can buy all the shares sold in the Toronto Canada market

You can buy all NATO armaments of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It is also possible to cover all US military actions taken after 9.11 terrorist attacks.

More than double the funds invested in the New Deal policy to rescue the Great Depression of the United States, the recovery plan of the European economy after the Second World WarMarshall plan10 times

It is possible to pay the rent of all rental houses in the US for 3 years. Or you can pay all mortgages for 14 months.

It is possible to buy back all houses that were seized in America in 2007 and 2008 without being able to pay loans

It is possible to send all Americans to vacation in 11 weeks

It is possible to operate all government agencies in the US for 103 days

Despite this much bigger thing, trillion dollars is only one tenth of the government 's planned infusion rate.

By the way,Japan's total budget for fiscal 2009 is approximately 88.548 trillion yenSo, it is over 1 trillion dollars. I feel that it is not convinced that this amount of money is only used to repay the debt.

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