Characteristic marathon race that will be held in various parts of the world including the Dead Sea and the Great Wall

One of the Olympic flower games · marathon. While keeping running for more than two hours, the bargain is at what pace to punch through and where to spurt. However, there seems to be a marathon running a very harsh course and a rough environment in the broad world. Perhaps winning these races may be harder than going to the Olympic Games.

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Great Wall Marathon(China)

world Heritage·Great WallA marathon set on stage. Although the length of the course is not 5 km, 10 km, half a marathon and so long, the up and down stairs which totals 5164 steps totals the strength of the players.

Kilimanjaro marathon(Tanzania)

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A marathon to be held at the highest peak of African continent · Kilimanjaro every June. Many amateur players participate in a race that makes four laps of a 10.5 km circulation course, and every yearNonproHas won the championship.

Ice crown marathon(Greenland)

A marathon running on the tundra of Greenland. The road is uneven and covered with thick yearning snow, and sometimes it is a toughest course with snow, but the landscape is outstanding as it is the region with the least population on Earth.

Everest Marathon(Nepal)

The Everest marathon which is Guinness record as the marathon running at the highest position began in 1987. The starting point is 17,000 feet in altitude (about 5000 m), and the course is almost downhill.

Safari com marathon(Kenya)

This marathon started in 2000 is known as a particularly tough marathon. Overall the course is a rough dirt (unpaved road) with an average altitude of 5,500 feet (1676 m). If you are lucky you will be able to see wild animals living in Africa.

ING New York City Marathon(America)

It is the world's largest citizen marathon with over 100,000 participation applications every year, but it is said that participation is the most challenging due to the limited entry frame. It is a course that runs through five administrative districts in New York and it seems that cheers on the road will be unforgettable for those who participated.

Rock'n'Roll marathon(America)

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The rock and roll marathon being held in San Diego, USA. The course is an ordinary full marathon along the bay, but on the roadside 26 stages and 40 cheerleader teams will raise the race.

Medoc Marathon(France)

A marathon performed in Medoc, famous for the origin of Bordeaux wine. Runners run in disguise and run, and not only water but also wine is served at the water supply station.

Dead Sea Ultramarathon(Jordan)

A marathon runs on a nearly descending course from Amman (900 m above sea level) to the Dead Sea (minus 400 m above sea level) in the capital city of Jordan. Because there is almost no shade, the runner seems to challenge by applying sunscreen to protect the skin.

Athens Marathon(Greece)

The messenger ran to Athens telling that the Athenian army repulsed the Persian army who landed in the Marathon was "marathonIt is said that it became the etymology of the word "Athens marathon based on this story."

In Japan, the distance is 21 km and the altitude difference is running up 3000 mFuji climbing raceThere is a race called. It seems that the early person is going to finish in 2 hours time.

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