Downstream maximum 350 Mbps, 'Next Generation Mobile WiMAX' which can communicate even on Shinkansen is coming shortly

UQ WiMAX has officially launched the high-speed communication service "Mobile WiMAX" this month, but I found a ridiculous item at Wireless Japan 2009's UQ WiMAX booth.

Not surprisingly overwhelming the current mobile WiMAX, it realized the maximum communication speed of 350 Mbps comparable to the communication speed of the optical fiber "Next Generation Mobile WiMAX"It is said that it is coming shortly, and small information terminals corresponding to the company's service were also exhibited.

Details are as below.
There was a crowd at the UQ WiMAX booth

Clarion's mobile Internet terminal released in the US and Europe for vehicles mainly from last year to this year during the exhibition of card type terminals and so on announced so farClarionMiND"Was on display. By the way, it seems strange that the memory part of the spec table is wrong, is it my mind?

This is "ClarionMiND". It has full browser, YouTube viewing function, etc.

Prototype with built-in mobile WiMAX module. Will it be released in the future in the future

Inside is like this

Is it a place like "a car navigation system with internet function"?

Technical trend of mobile WiMAX that was exhibited in the booth. In 2011, we are moving from current mobile WiMAX (IEEE 802.16e) to "next generation WiMAX (IEEE802.16m)", in addition to achieving downlink maximum of 350 Mbps, communication is possible even at 350 km / h.

It has been less than a year and a half until 2011, but when will the official service be initiated at any moment? It is very fun, is not it?

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