One picture showing the history of evolution of mobile phone camera at a glance

In addition to being becoming common in everyday life, a cellular phone with a camera that finally appeared to the 10 million pixel model, a table showing the history of the evolution of cameras for mobile phones at a glance is exhibited at the Sharp booth of Wireless Japan 2009 It was.

It is a mobile phone boom with a camera that started with J - PHONE 's Sharp terminal as a trigger, but what kind of evolution did the cell phone camera have achieved?

Details are as below.
This is the history of the evolution of the camera for mobile phones which was exhibited at the Sharp booth. As of 2001, the 110,000 pixel model corresponding to CIF (352 × 288) size photography was evolved from 3 million pixels to 5 million pixels, to 8 million pixels, and in 2009 10 million It has evolved to a pixel model

The 10 million pixel model that was exhibited this time. It also evolves steadily even in parts other than the number of pixels, such as auto focus function and also supports night view shooting

Although it is a camera for mobile phones that has evolved very interestingly, what kind of evolution will you achieve in the future? It may be interesting if it comes to installing a night vision photographing function etc. using infrared rays instead of improving the number of pixels.

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