A movie showing that sumo wrestling is the world's strongest fighting spirit "Onitsu Musou - The Real SUMO Fighting Series"

In fact, the relay of the grand sumo being relayed by NHK etc. is such content by putting a filter in between at the time of relaying, in fact the battle which is unimaginable spread, and its true figure is brought under the white day Exposing to ... .... This is "The Real SUMO Fighting Series".

It seems that everything is content that can not be thought of under normal common sense and it is definitely the fact that sumo wrestling is the world's strongest fighting sports firmly.

To appreciate the true war of the wrestlers from below.
First of all, this is from "Shiho Peng vs Asahi Dragon". It is a global battle.

Shiho Peng vs Asahi Dragon - the real SUMO fighting 8

This level is not too great, strong level.

Oni Musou 1

And the legendary "Afghan Air Drop".

Devil Musou 7

In addition, it is possible to see a lot of amazing sumo wrestling from the following page.

Che Che - 14 - Movie / Flash (Ragnarok Online, SUMO, ANIME, etc.)

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