The latest notice of 'The Forbidden Kingdom' where Jackie Chan and Jet Li co-star for the first time are released

The latest announcement of the movie "The Forbidden Kingdom" co-starred with Jackie Lee, the two major action stars, who has won five consecutive victories at Jackie Chan and the Chinese National Martial Arts Convention known for its comical action was released .

The story is a motif of the Journey to the West, an American boy adored by Kung Fu was blown to ancient China by a virtue shop found in Chinatown's antique dealer, and Son Goku caught by the evil general as well as Jackie Chan and Jet Li It seems to go to rescue.

Details are as below. The site where you can watch high quality movies is here. From the "THEATRICAL TRAILER" on the top you can watch a movie full of action scenes, from the bottom "THEATRICAL TEASER" you can watch a movie where the introduction of the movie is easy to understand.
Apple - Trailers - The Forbidden Kingdom

It is also included on YouTube.
YouTube - The Forbidden Kingdom (2008) Trailer

YouTube - The Forbidden Kingdom HDTrailer (Jet Li & Jackie Chan)

The boy will be teaching kung fu to Jackie Chan and Jet Li, but it seems to be a setting to find a way to return to the present age only by learning true kung fu.

The scenes appearing in the movie are as follows.

There are already posters for each actor.

Forbidden Kingdom Trailer Forbidden Kingdom Poster

Jackie Chan, acting wisely Kung Fu Master.

Jet Li, a priest who uses cloth as a weapon.

Michael Angarano who is a boy who is skipped by ancient China.

Liu Yifei who plays the twin sword use which will travel with three people.

Lee Bing Bin, a witch acting like one who has just escaped from the world of Western fantasy.

The official movie site is here. Overseas it is scheduled to be released on 18th April 2008, but the disclosure in Japan is undecided. There seems to be a comical scene with action packed, so I can not wait to release it.
The Forbidden Kingdom

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