PC - 9801 version 's first "Ys" started delivery

Deliver various PC retro gamesProject EGG, The first "Ys" of the PC - 9801 version was launched. It was first released in 1987 and has been a work more than 20 years ago from now,Ys · OriginCompared with the graphic progress is clearly understood.

Because it is a work of a long time ago, I thought that it would start distribution for free, but it seems that a content fee of 945 yen will take.

Details are as below.Retro Game Comprehensive Distribution Site Project EGG - Game Catalog - Ys (1987)

The first "Ys" is a catch phrase "Now, RPG is to the age of tenderness", a game that was issued as selling what can be cleared in times when there are many complicated and difficulty games. Since PC 8801 version was released on June 21, 1987, ported many times from pirate ported by user from PC 98 to X68000 to PS 2 version "Ys I · II Eternal story" with various elements added And it is a remake popular work.

A game screen that makes you feel nostalgic.

In order to play games, you need to register project EGG members for 315 yen per month, and 945 yen for content fee. In addition, all support on Vista is not supported. In case of XP, even if it operates, support is not covered, so please be careful.

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