An airplane crashes because of a bouquet thrown at a wedding bouquet toss

At the end of the wedding, the bride's "bouquet" which throws bouquets backwards towards unmarried women is done, but in Italy there seems to be an accident that the plane crashed for Bouquetos. Although it is said that even if the bride flashed the bouquet all the harder it flew far to the sky and it does not seem to have hit an airplane.

Details are as below.
BBC NEWS | Europe | Bride's bouquet brings down plane

The wedding ceremony took place at Montioni Park in Suvereto, in the western part of Italy, near Livorno. The ceremony proceeded without problem especially to the end, and it reached Bouquetos.

This bouquet tooth is different from the usual thing that the bride turns to the back and throws a bouquet, and on top of the guests lined upMicro light planeI dropped the bouquet while flying. It was a 44-year-old man named Isidoro Pensieri, who did not toss with a bride. The bouquet Pensieri threw was sucked into the engine, and as a result the engine exploded and flames up. It seems that the micro light plane plunges into a nearby hostel. Mr. Pensieri received serious injuries such as broken bones in the body, scratches on the head, but it is unfortunate that about 50 people in the hostel were unhurt.

But does not it matter as a bouquet toss that the bride does not throw ...?

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