A spectacle movie until the solid rocket booster used for shuttle launches falls

When I say the launch of the space shuttle, I think that the image that comes to mind is a figure of a shuttle that draws white smoke from the ground and flying, then the solid rocket booster used for launch is separated and falls to the sea. It is being shot by the camera that it was attached to, so that you can see the sight of the moment of landing.

Details are as below.
At first, the launch scene is reflected.
YouTube - Blast into Space, Spectacular Fall to Earth

The rocket booster is separated from the space shuttle at 2 minutes 26 seconds. After this, the shuttle body rises to an altitude of about 150 km using an external fuel tank, and the external fuel tank is also disconnected there. The rocket booster will be recycled after this time, but it seems that most of the external fuel tank will burn out due to reentry into the atmosphere.

Earth seen from high altitude.

The descending scene starts to be played around 3 minutes and 40 seconds.

The approaching water surface.

And landing the splendid sound and splashed water.

You can see blue sky, horizontal line, parachute.

Postscript: It was not "Fall of Space Shuttle" but Space Shuttle "Fall of Solid Rocket Booster", so I fixed that.

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