To the emergence of a new method of copyright protection against B-CAS, the digital terrestrial receiver is inexpensive and compact

Only the system that used "B-CAS card" of B-CAS company was able to cancel the encryption for copyright protection which was given to terrestrial digital broadcasting etc. so far, but finally B- It became clear that a new method of copyright protection against CAS appears.

This will make it possible to manufacture smaller and lower cost receivers than in the past.

Details are as below. (Asahi Shimbun): Criticized monopoly for new format B-CAS for terrestrial digital copyright protection - politics

According to the Asahi Shimbun news report, the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications has decided on a policy to introduce a new method into the copyright protection of terrestrial digital broadcasting within the year.

Apart from the current system using B-CAS card, this means that a new method for protecting copyright by incorporating software and a small chip on a receiver such as a TV and a tuner is made to coexist, Unlike the absence of an individual identification number, the size and cost of the equipment can be reduced, so a low-cost receiver can be manufactured. In addition, the new system supports terrestrial digital broadcasting only.

In addition, it is said that the "licensing issuing / management institution" where broadcasting stations and electrical manufacturers sign a license agreement for the operation of the new system will be established within the year by broadcasting stations, right-holder groups, consumers and others.

In NovemberThe reduced B-CAS card will appearAlthough it is clarified, what kind of expansion will you show in the future? It may be a pleasure for consumers if the price of receiving equipment can be realized by the appearance of the new method.

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