Total number of pages 5000 pages, Wikipedia as one encyclopedia it became like this

Online free encyclopedia "Wikipedia" was decided to be published as an encyclopedia in GermanyI mentioned earlier in GIGAZINEHowever, when I compiled a part of the contents published in Wikipedia in the UK into one encyclopedia of encyclopedias, students seems to have completed a book of unexpected thicknesses with a total page count of 5000 pages.

Details are as below.
Thickipedia | The Sun | News

According to this article, it seems that Wikipedia was booked by Rob Matthews student in the UK. This is a summary of 437 characteristic articles included in Wikipedia as one encyclopedia, and it is about 5000 pages.

I put a booked Wikipedia on the floor. The thickness reaches 19 inches (48.26 centimeters), and there is a knee height.

Before using it as an encyclopedia, it has become a ridiculous thickness that seems to be hard to carry even if you carry it, but how many pages do you actually have when you book all items? Even though I thought it was horrible, is not this ...?

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