Ultra luxury curry to over 300,000 yen

There seems to be an Indian restaurant that puts out ultra-luxury curry over 300,000 yen in the UK. This curry uses luxury ingredients sparingly, so it is hard to imagine the taste as it is quite unusual for anyone to talk about.

Details are from the following.
London restaurant launches £ 2k curry | The Sun | Features

Bombay Brasserie

This is 2000 pounds (about 310,000 yen) curry. Lobster · abalone · crab · white truffle · caviar · gold leaf ·AmigasatakeWe use luxury foods such as such as abundantly, it has become a curry that can be said to be the extreme of luxury.

This curry is served at a luxury Indian restaurant in London, EnglandBombay Brasserie". According to chef president Prahlad Hegde, this curry is a movie "Slumdog · MillionaireIt was said that it was created in conjunction with Oscar acquisition. Some people actually ordered this curry, which makes me realize the size of the world.

This is Bombay Brasserie

A high-class restaurant where you can see it. Even ordinary curry seems to be 20 pounds (about 4500 yen).

Chef Prahlad Hegde

Prahlad Hegde and The Sun's reporter

It seems to me that it is "delicious" of taste, of course, as it is only using these ingredients.

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