Terminator + Ghost in the shell like movie "Surrogates" trailer movie HD release released

As a substitute for human beings, it is possible to remotely operate by transferring consciousness to the robot of the desired shape without seeing it at home, looking at what the robot saw, feeling the same as it is, yet the robot is dangerous Even if there are eyes you are still at home Yourself is safe It is this "drawing the case that happened in the future society"SurrogatesThe movie. The protagonist is a policeman in Bruce Willis, directed by Jonathan Moustow of Terminator 3.Graphic novel of the same nameIt is the original, and what it says "Ghost in the Shell" is a real life movie made in Hollywood is becoming an atmosphere that it will be such a feeling, the robot that comes out is called "Terminator", "Eye, robot Or rather, it looks like that.

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The publication in the US is scheduled for September 25, 2009, and disclosure in Japan is still undecided.

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