Do not you get fat if you eat? The secret of curry hidden in yellow powder

When adding "yellow powder" to one of the dishes made of the same material and the same amount of dish, it seems to be a meal harder than the other dishes without "yellow powder".

The identity of the yellow powder is a spice used in many Indian cuisines including curry "Turmeric (Turmeric) ". Speaking of turmeric, it is said to be effective for hangover and it is included in supplements such as 'drink before drinking' type supplement, but it seems that it was also included in Japanese soul food curry. This turmeric obesity prevention effect was scientifically verified this time.

Details are as below.Why eating a curry could STOP you from putting on weight | Mail Online

Turmer demonstrates its power when added to high-fat dishes, in particular, it leads to prevention of obesity.

Turmeric is a vegetableCurcuminIt contains substances that are easy to digest. Boston'sTufts UniversityStudies have shown that curcumin has an effect of suppressing proliferation of adipocytes in humanCell cultureAnd in mice.

It is believed that this is because curcumin inhibits the formation of new blood vessels necessary for adipose tissue to expand.

In experiments, two groups of mice were given the same high-fat diet and 500 mg of curcumin was added per diet only to one group. After 12 weeks, the group given curcumin seems to have lost weight than the control group.

Mice in the group given curcumin were observed to have slower pace of angiogenesis and lower blood cholesterol concentration than the other mice.

Mohsen Meydani, chief scientist, said: "Weight gain is the result of adipose tissue proliferation and swelling,AngiogenesisWe can not increase fat unless a new blood vessel (a microvessel that wraps the leaflet structure with adipocytes layered) is made. " "Our data show that curcumin inhibits angiogenesis in the adipose tissue of mice given high fat diets"

Next is that we are in the stage of conducting clinical trials targeting humans.

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