Flatness of fluctuating phenomena "Flexible organic EL display" in STRL Open 2009

This time it is open to the public from Thu 21 (Thu) to 24 (Sun) 2009STRL Open 2009, It was this exhibition that was in the place immediately after entering the attention of everyone "Flexible organic EL display". What is amazing is its thinness. If this TV is really realized with this fluctuation, is not it possible to suggest how to use something different? It was a level.

Pictures and movies that show how thin they are actually are from the following.
Flexible organic EL display
~ Aiming for a TV that can be conveniently carried anywhere ~

Flexible organic EL display corner

The explanation is like this. By improving the method of manufacturing electrodes and semiconductor layers by photolithography, the performance and uniformity of the organic TFT array in which the organic TFTs are arranged in a matrix form is improved, and the use of a highly efficient phosphorescent organic EL element Bright full color display is enabled.

The specification is like this. A flexible organic EL display (panel size: diagonal 5.8 inches, number of pixels: 213 (RGB) x 120) was fabricated using an organic TFT array as a substrate to realize color moving image display. It is not a level to say thin.

The real thing of "Flexible organic EL display" on which this was displayed

The image is reflected properly

Actual operation state

The thinness of the sample is so thin that it is perplexing like this, or whether it is okay.

It is greatly expected because it has a wide range of applications not only for TVs but also for personal computers, next-generation game machines that will come up in the future, mobile phones, etc.

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