A man whose house has been stolen by a thief

There are men who have stolen their houses in thieves in Greece. No matter how many keys are heavily attached, there is no point in having this stealing way.

It is a fairly bold way of stealing, so neighbors would have never thought that the house was stolen.

Details are as below.
Greek man comes home ... to find it stolen

There was a male villa on the coast of Rafina located 25 km east of the Greek capital, Athens. Many people in Rafina, including the prime minister of Greece, have a villa, but when a man went to a villa, all 70 square meters of buildings disappeared. It seems that the kitchen part etc was also brought from the foundation of the building together.

The police believe that the thief used the crane to lift the villa and carry it with a trailer. It seems that we can not identify where the villa has been lost.

I do not know how to handle the whole villa afterwards, but is there anything better than throwing a burglary normally?

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