Next-generation wireless standard "WiGig" that realized high-speed communication of 10 times or more than wireless LAN came out

Although it is a wireless LAN which is currently the mainstream of wireless communication in homes and offices, it is a wireless LAN whose communication speed has been increased to 10 times or more than wireless LANWireless Gigabit (WiGig)Next-generation standard called so-called "standard" appears.

It might be good news for those who were frustrated with the slow speed of the wireless LAN and those who frequently exchange large capacity files wirelessly.

Details are as follows.
Wireless Gigabit Alliance >> Blog Archive >> Industry Leaders Form Wireless Gigabit Alliance to Promote 60 GHz Wireless Technology

According to this release, 15 companies including Microsoft, Intel, NEC, Panasonic, Nokia, Dell, Samsung Electronics and others stand for the organization "Wireless Gigabit (WiGig) Alliance" to unify specifications of next- I heard he gave it up.

This is a technology directed mainly to offices and home, whereas ordinary wireless LAN uses radio waves of 2.4 GHz band and 5 GHz band, whereas radio waves of very high frequency of 60 GHz band are used to convert digital It enables people to connect home appliances, mobile devices, personal computers, etc. wirelessly.

It is said that the concerned communication speed will be 10 times or more than that of the conventional wireless LAN, and if this technology supports streaming playback of HD movies, wireless displays, and ultra high speed file transfer between compatible devices Thing.

IncidentallyWhen I talked about GIGAZINE's experiment on high-speed communication using radio waves in the 60 GHz band in July 2007In addition to achieving a tremendous communication speed such as 15 Gbps when the distance between the devices is 1 meter, 10 Gbps in the case of 2 meters, 5 Gbps in the case of 5 meters, radio waves do not penetrate the wall because of the high frequency Although there was a result that there was no possibility of interfering with the neighbor 's wireless network, what kind of specification would the product version become?

It is a very worrisome place just realizing overwhelming transfer speed.

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