I tried using the network card "Intel PRO / 1000 PT QUAD PORT Server Adapter" with 4 ports for GIGAZINE

If you divide the network into several or if you are using a server that requires multiple external connections with one unit, you may have to use more than one network interface card (NIC).

In the case of GIGAZINE, the number of NICs necessary for the image distribution server may exceed "4", and the limit number of slots has come to be known soon, the 4 port network card "Intel® PRO / 1000 PT Quad Port Server AdapterI decided to try (about 5-60 thousand yen).

A detailed review is from the following.
It was packed in such a way and came.

For the time being, when I opened it, the CD was turned inside out. It makes me feel a little lonely.

Recheck the contents and check the contents. The contents are only the network card body and CD. It's simple.

It is strictly packed.

I opened it. It is like this from the top.

Looking closely at the connector part of the RJ45, there are Port A, Port B, Port C, Port D.

Viewed from the side.

The back side looks like this. It is a precision machine.

This is "Intel (R) PRO / 1000 PT Server Adapter". It is used for size comparison.

I put them side by side. You can see that the size is quite different.

Setup from now. The server to use is that "HP ProLiant ML 115" which became famous with so much cheapness.

Before set. I am cautious.

After set.

Looking at the back of the server look like this

OS used CentOS 5.3 which looks a little cool.

I started the OS and confirmed that all 4 ports were properly recognized.

All four ports are running. The device names are eth0 to eth3.

I tried connecting all the ports to the network. The network card is like this. The day that this is actually deployed and supports GIGAZINE is not so far. Who will buy these cards? I thought that I would be in that position ... ....

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