Not only the "E74" error, we introduce a number of errors indicating failure of Xbox 360 in the movie

Three ring lights blink redRed Ring of Death"As a new failure replacing the breakdown of the famous Xbox 360"E74. System Error. Contact Xbox Customer Support.In response to the occurrence of a problem such as an error indication such as "Failure to do", Microsoft will start from April 14As for "E74" error as well as "Red Ring of Death" to make 3 year warranty, But it was revealed that there are not only "E 74" but also several other errors indicating the failure of Xbox 360.

If you are having trouble with an error message other than "E74" on your own Xbox 360, it may be a good idea to try it as a reference.

Details are as follows.
This is the "E74" error guaranteed for three years from April 14th. Before it became a 3 year warranty, it was a charge repair, so the user who received repaid charge will be charged a refund for the repair fee.
YouTube - Xbox 360 1 Red Light E 74

This is an "E68" error.Support pageAccording to the report, "E67" "E68" "E69" error seems to be a trouble related to HDD. The way of repair is introduced in this movie.
YouTube - Xbox 360 1 red light fix E 68 error

This is an "E71" error.Support pageIt occurs when there is a problem with the main unit hardware.
YouTube - Xbox 360 Error E71

Followed by "E76" error. There is no entry on the support page, but it seems to be a system error.
YouTube - xbox one red light system error E76

"E79" error also seems to be a system error. To the painful result that the child's scream can be heard. In this stateRepeated restarts will result in "Red Ring of Dest" state dyingThere also seems to be. Is there any possibility that 3-year warranty will be granted to these errors in the future?
YouTube - e79 xbox 360

By the way, Xbox 360's customer support phone inquiries can check the congestion status with the following links, so if you choose a time zone that is easy to connect and make a phone call, you may not have to get stress. | Support Contacts Congestion status

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