Early failures "Blue Lite Death phenomenon" occurred in PS 4, Amazon reviews confused

Interns who are involved in the production line at Foxcon's plant under contract for PlayStation 4 productionI did not do the assembly of PlayStation 4 properlyIt actually revealed that Amazon's PlayStation 4 reviews "absolutely does not work" such asMany reports that complain of initial malfunctionIt is being done and Twitter also searches for "# PS4broken" "# brokenPS4" has surprisingly many troubles tweeted, among which many users are holding "Blue Light Death PhenomenonIt is what is called.

PS 4 Woes: HDMI and Blue Light of Death plaguing some launch consoles - Neowin

Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: PlayStation 4: Launch Edition

November 18, 2013 article writing At present, 593 of the 2126 reviews of Amazon PlayStation 4 are the lowest "★ one" in 5 grades.

"I think there are a lot of Sony Anti in the United States," and when I look at the reviews one by one, most of it is "Amazon Verified Purchase", That is,"People actually purchasing PlayStation at AmazonPost from.

However, regarding this,Forbes"If 90% of the buyers report a problem, only 9% of the people who did not suffer, we will see a lot of defect reports." In fact It is unknown how much trouble actually occurred to you.

furtherThe VergeAccording to a study of PS4 Amazon reviews, there are hundreds of people wearing one star, while when inquiring of multiple stores, there are no people returning. In the United States, since there are most people who return defective items and exchange them with new ones, it is obviously inconsistent that there is no inquiry at the store, and it is diverging from the reaction on the net.

Also, in Amazon's customer service, "A defect in the production process was found on PlayStation 4, Sony is currently investigating the defect, I heard that Sony sent instructions to your company (Amazon) to ship it "The customer service says," All what the customer heard is true, according to what I hear, it is said that SONY is stopping the production of PlayStation 4 "and replies The image that the image that is being put on is the circulation. However, in fact, Amazon's operators never respond with "named" in chat support, so it is said that it is "a stereotype image".

On the other hand, on Twitter, searching for "# PS4broken", "# brokenPS 4", etc. makes it possible to find many tweets complaining of trouble.

To this extraordinary situation, Shuhei Yoshida, SCE Worldwide Studio President and Chief Executive Officer, said, "We are currently investigating the defect of PS 4. However, the number of reported defects is very small compared to the number of PS 4 shipped," .

The biggest cause that is actually causing such a confusion state is the fact that Amazon accounts for the majority of Playstation 4's "★ one" reviewBlue Light Death PhenomenonIn the report on the matter, no matter what happens on the screen even if the switch is turned on, the light on the PlayStation 4 main unit flashes blue.

A lot of movies on PlayStation 4 that are said to have caused the blue light death phenomenon have been uploaded to YouTube and will be as follows.

PS4 Blue Pulsing Light of Death - YouTube

On the TV is PlayStation 3's home screen.

The TV is connected to PlayStation 3 with an HDMI cable.

On the other hand, PlayStation 4 is not yet connected to the HDMI cable.

Unplug the HDMI cable of PlayStation 3 ......

Connect to PlayStation 4.

Then switch on PlayStation 4.

The light of the main body rushed into a state of flashing blue. Originally it glows white and images should appear on the TV screen. This state is "Blue Lite Death phenomenon". According to the man uploading the movie, this state will last forever. "Blue Light Death" continues even if the power is turned on again.

Blog dealing with video games Kotaku editorial department boughtPlayStation 4 also caused a problem very similar to "Blue Lite Death phenomenon"After that, I sent it back to Sony immediately and found out an abnormality on the main unit's HDMI port. According to Kotaku, "Blue Light Death phenomenon" also seems to have occurred due to some abnormality in the HDMI port.

Before the release of PlayStation 4 by SonyAnnounced that the failure probability will settle below 0.4%And it is where the report is waiting for how much the total number of initial malfunctions reported after the release is actually in fact.

· 2013/11/18 23:05 Addendum
There are "possible compatibility of TV", "power supply problem of PS 4", "HDD problem", "other problems related to PS 4 main body" as possible causes of "blue light death phenomenon" which occurred as initial failure in PlayStation 4 About Sony has released a confirmation method in the official forum.

[INFO] Blinking Blue Light PS 4 Issues - PlayStation® Community Forums

As for "compatibility of television", it means that I received reports from users saying "It was solved by updating the firmware on the TV side".

For "PS4 power supply problem", switch off the PS 4 switch and remove the AC adapter cord from the insertion port. Next, please check whether the "A" "E" "F" part of the image below is damaged.

Switch off the PS 4 switch and slide the top cover of the part where the HDD is stored to remove "HDD problem".

Please check whether HDD is properly fixed or damaged.

It is recommended to start PS 4 in safe mode if no trouble is found in "PS4 power supply" and "HDD".

If IGN isReport received from SONY, We know that among the dispatched PlayStation 4, the initial malfunction was reported to be 0.4% of the total.

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