A dish that puts a big breast mannequin and increased profits by 30%

There are many shops that make customers look attractive with the mascot character dolls, such as Kentucky Fried Chicken's Kernel Sanders and Fujiya's Peko-chan, but by placing cheap big cheap mannequins, the profit up by 30% There seems to be a shop that did.

Details are as below.
Busty mannequin boosts business | WFTS-TV

Kenny Tessel, who had been serving food for 25 years in Los Angeles for celebrities and others, returned to his home town tri-state and decided to have his own store called "KT's Barbecue".

However, the store did not go so well and something was needed to break the situation. So I introduced a short pants on the upper body of a bikini figure, a big mannequin with a big chest wearing a hat. This mannequin named "Bar-Be" has a whiteboard advertising to the store, but it seems that the road car will stop in front of the store whether it will be visible as a hitchhiker .

"KT's Barbecue" who put the mannequin

This is "Bar-Be" placed in front of the shop.

It is bold dress.

The figure standing by the telephone pole may seem like a living person if you look from afar.

I am introducing myself on the whiteboard that I have.

"It is a lot of fun to cook a guest who entered by seeing the Bar-Be," Kenny says. In 3 weeks after putting "Bar-Be" in front of the shop, 70 new customers who went shopping while watching the mannequin seemed to have increased profit by 30%.

Susan Deing who entered the store and shopped said, "This mannequin is certainly catching eyes, because my husband was about to accident a little more."

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