Too much dynamic Chinese haircut show to cut off hair with huge comb and branch cutting scissors

As for the haircut show, it is imagined that the model will be cut with a stylish hairstylist's fine hands on the stage, but a state of rough haircut show that is 180 degrees different from such image It was open to the public.

This strange attempt seems to have been an event that local people applied haircut free of charge to anyone, but even though it is free of charge, people who were shocked to know that they are cuts due to branch cutting scissors and huge combs A majority. However, a single curious girl ran for candidacy and underwent middle cut treatment where people could watch.

The appearance of haircut too rough and its finish is from the following.Imaginechina - Chinese Photo Agency pau 443003: Hairstylists offer a giant cut in Changsha

On the stage, a girl sits on a cape and is treated by a beautician-style man.

It should be just a hair stroke, but if this is a bigger comb, I do not know whether he is hurting or attacking ... ....

This smile in this situation. He has a considerable degree of courage.

Obviously a dubious ogresan appeared behind, with a funky stance holding a branch cutting scissors.

When you come this far, the expression "cut off your hair" comes closer rather than "haircut".

From another angle. It is as if to trim the garden tree, but this is a hair cut to the last.

The finish is like this. She seems to have been satisfied with the finish, but when I look at the state of the cut before, I can not make a straightforward decision by thinking whether she cut it with branch cutting scissors.

However, it seems that somewhat natural cutting is possible for such a violent cut, so that is still a professional skill.

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