Fear that does not end even if you eat or eat, that 'Ramen Jiro' has desperately captured

A ramen chain shop that is opening stores in the metropolitan area, mainly Tokyo, supported the distinctive taste and enormous volume "Ramen Jiro". This time, GIGAZINE editorial staff first entered the "Ramen Jiro Takadanobaba Store" which is said to have the most volume among numerous ramen Jiro.

Although it is a popular ramen chain store that produces enthusiastic fans called "girolians", what kind of special and great ramen awaits you?

Incidentally,Ramen Jiro's strategy of not failing for beginnersWe also succeeded in creating. If you are interested in ramen Jiro but you do not have the courage to go, it might be good to try it as a reference.

Details are as follows.
This is "Ramen Jiro Takadanobaba Store" that I visited this time. Despite the rain there was a queue in front of the shop.

I went side by side. Rain slightly falls.

Almost 30 minutes lined up, we finally reached the entrance of the store. This is what it's like inside the store.

Purchase a ticket with a vending machine at the entrance. This time we made "Doka Sheng Pork Double Ramen" and "Half-Braised Egg".

I thought that I had finally put it inside the store, this time I will line up in the stairs that follow the underground toilet.

I waited another ten minutes, finally I was guided to the seat.

Water is self-service.

Business hours of Golden week.

Free toppings are five kinds of vegetables, garlic, trowel (soy sauce sauce), fat, red pepper. I will be asked when it is completed.

Finally Doka Sougaru Double Ramen appeared. Toppings are vegetables, garlic, sweet and fat. What is this amount ......

I got closer and saw from the side. There are too many toppings of vegetables and noodles can not be seen.

Regular size ramen is like this. In this case it seems I can still eat it.

I put it side by side.

I am amazed by the difference in size as seen from the side. It is different from the size of the vessel in the first place.

Noodles are somewhat thicker than moyoshi, which is a bit shorter than a udon. Because of the elasticity, the chewiness is great.

Although I tried eating, it is exhausted as one word that there are many volumes anyhow. First of all, there are too many toppings of the vegetables on top and I can not reach noodles. Soup is a greasy soup with soy sauce on it, it is very thick. The richness of "Tonkotsu soy sauce ramen" coming out at a regular shop does not become a level comparable to this Jiro's soup at all, it does not become a story at all.

By the way, if you are being taken care of eating vegetables, your noodle sucks the soup and adds more volume, so you need to be careful as it will not pick up.

This is an example of failure when challenging before this time. As a result of trying to clean up the vegetables first, the noodles sucked up the soup and swelled up. It is very challenging to eat completely if this happens.

And I got advice from other editorial staff who had overturned a lot of supernatural volume food, I was careful not to tidy up noodles anyway and succeeded in a perfectly delicious meal. Please forgive me for having soup. It is the limit.

The ramen Jiro 's strategy of getting ridiculous derived from the above is below. People who are not confident that you can eat completely may try it.

1. Anyway, eat noodles first. Vegetables do not have to worry about swelling sucking soup so postponed
2. Because noodles inhale the soup at a considerable speed, try to eat quickly
3. Do not drink water at least until you finish eating most of the noodles
4. Topping garlic or fat is an essential level to change the taste, so ask as much as possible
5. It is better not to fast beforehand, spread the stomach by snacking a few hours ago

Also, when leaving the store, it seemed quite impressive how the person who finished just finished putting the instrument on the counter with a mysterious face as if it had finished the magnificent mission imposed on myself.

The place of "Ramen Jiro Takadanobabe store" is here.

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· 21:55 postscript
According to various readers, it seems that Mita main store, Jimbo town, Keikyu Kawasaki, Sagami Ono store and so on are also listed as a store of transcendental volume besides Takadanobaba store. Which shop will provide the largest volume that stands at the top of ramen Jiro ... what is it?

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