More than 97% of mails sent worldwide are found to be spam mails

In response to ever-increasing spam e-mails, in May last yearA revision proposal for the "Specified E-mail Transmission Optimization Law" incorporating the introduction of "opt-in method" requiring prior consent of recipients and a large increase in fines was approved, But it was revealed that over 97% of the mails sent on the Internet by Microsoft 's latest survey are spam mails.

In addition, since it explains how to minimize the damage caused by spam mails, it may be a good idea to try it as a reference.

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BBC NEWS | Technology | Spam overwhelms e-mail messages

According to this article, Microsoft Security Report says that over 97% of all e-mails sent over the Internet are unnecessary spam mails. And most of the spam mails are occupied by drugs and advertisements of general products, and often malicious files are attached.

Also, computers infected with malicious spyware etc. are present in a ratio of 8.6 to 1,000 infected PCs, and those that transmit spam mails are mainly security holes in Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF We are sending spam e-mails with attached malicious software embedded using it.

Incidentally, 91% or more of attacks using security holes in Microsoft Office used security holes that should have been taken by the update more than two years ago, so it could be prevented if updating appropriately In addition, since the security hole of the PDF file has also been fixed in the latest version provided by Adobe, it is extremely important to always keep the software up-to-date in order to minimize the damage caused by spam mail It seems to be important.

As a background for spam mails sharply increasing more than a few years ago, the spread of broadband, which has been speeded up faster than in the past, the stable OS, and personal computers with even improved specifications have become popular, so far it can be sent It is said that it became easier to send billions of spam mails that were not there.

Also, Paul Wood, a senior analyst at e-mail security firm Message Labs for the rate of spam of 97% or more shown in Microsoft's security report, was about 81% in the analysis he conducted I assume that there are many countries that have been hijacked by computer to send spam mails are Russia, Brazil, Turkey, Serbia and Montenegro.

This is a country that has many users hijacked the computer. Russia and Brazil are outstanding, whereas Japan's hijacked users are very low, 0% to 2%.

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