A boy who picked up a cell phone on her birthday, arrested for delivery to the police

There seems to be a case that a boy who found a mobile phone dropped on the 18th birthday and went to the police to arrest as a thief somehow. I think that it is a good thing to deliver lost things, but what on earth is it?

Details are as below.
Student finds mobile phone while out celebrating his 18th and is ARRESTED after handing it in to police | Mail Online

Paul Leicester of Southport University who was delivering the mobile phone. He seems to have been arrested because of a motion claiming that the cell phone was stolen. "I do not think arresting is an act of celebrating my birthday, but I told the police that I contacted the person who was calling at the end from the history and will deliver it to the police," said Paul Kun is talking.

Paul, who was arrested for delivering a cell phone.

Paul was photographed for four hours after being arrested, to collect fingerprints and DNA and to keep it in the record. It seems that 15 minutes of interrogation was also done.

Paul says that there is trust from the teacher "I tried to let people in the history of the cell phone come to receive it.It will not have to go to the police again.I am doing only sincere things "I was made to have a surprising experience," Vinnie of the father also said, "I felt sick due to my anger, although we raised Paul correctly, this incident is ridiculous." .

Police said that "Paul has released without sin because the allegation of theft was canceled," said the police to re-investigate the situation when arrested.

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