Hillary · Clinton's alma mater, prestige rate by prestigious Wellesley university major

The virgin rate of university students by major is graphed, and the dataHillary ClintonThe prestigious university girls college who is the current Secretary of State Secretary of StateWellesley UniversitySometimes it's something of, and I am calling on a hot topic. What kind of trends did you see depending on your major?

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Here is the graph. The closer you go to the right the higher the virginity rate.

The virginity rate ranking by major is as follows.

1st place: Mathematics (83%)
1st place: Chemical / biochemistry (83%)
3rd place: Political science (73%)
4th place: Biology (72%)
5th place: International relations studies (71%)
6th place: psychology (70%)
7th place: majority unknown (68%)
8th: Economics (65%)
9th: History (62%)
10th: Philosophy (57%)
11th place: French · French literature (50%)
11th: English · English and American literature (50%)
13th: Spanish / Spanish literature (43%)
14th: Information science (40%)
15th: Art history (37%)
16th: Neuroscience (25%)
17th place: Anthropology (20%)
18th: Art (0%)

It is felt like a high virginity rate on the whole, is it because it is a prestigious girls' university? However, it seems that there was no virgin in the major of art.

Major in science such as mathematics, chemistry and biology such as mathematics, chemistry and biology gathered at the top, but major in information science / neuroscience etc. are in the lower rank, and major in liberal arts such as political science and international relations studies are eating into the top , It seems that science science can not be said unconditionally if the virginity rate is high. Investigating the virginity rate and virginity rate at the co-educational university may be interesting as there are different results.

By the way, Secretary Clinton was a major in political science.

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