"Torrent Droid" which automatically downloads the DVD barcode with mobile phone when downloading with the file sharing software

First of all, I will head to a shop or department that sells DVD to buy a new DVD. I will find the DVD I'd like next. Then shoot the barcode printed on the DVD package with the mobile phone. After that, when you push the button several times, around the time of returning to home, the downloading is completed automatically via the file sharing software, the software of the unexpected mechanism that it is "Torrent Droid"is.

For what kind of mechanism this kind of thing is possible, details are as follows.
About Torrent Droid 0.5.1 << Zerofate.com

This software is a mobile phone platform developed by Google "AndroidIt is designed to work with "Android and Me" on the site "If you make a BitTorrent client that runs on Android it will give you a prize of $ 90 (about 8600 yen) as a grantWhat has been submitted to the contest called "Contest". It is actually called "Google Mobile"T-Moble G1It is possible to operate on.

This is G1. At overseas Amazon, it is currently available for $ 97.99 (about 9400 yen).

And this is a movie that actually recorded the alpha version running. It is content to be shaky.

YouTube - Torrent Droid: Winner of Android Bounty Contest

The main screen looks something like this. When you click "Barcode Search" and scan the barcode, it automatically searches for files using the site searching torrent files of various BitTorrent.

In fact, the BitTorrent client that had previously searched for and found the torrent file at home was "UTorrent"Web Gui, which is a remote control via the web, is supposed to be done. Therefore, it is necessary to specify the host name (using dynamic DNS etc.) necessary for connection with uTorrent, port number, user name, password, allowable value (0 to 1 when searching for keywords, closer to 1 as strict Search for it) and so on.

The downloaded torrent file remains in the history like this and can be transmitted to uTorrent as it is.

Send it like this

Successful transmission

In addition, it will take about one month to distribute the full version that actually operates.

Among them, it is predicted that mobile phones that "Android" will work almost certainly in Japan is expected, but what kind of future will it become?

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