Japan IBM announces new storage that can store up to 25 times the disk capacity data

IBM Japan announced storage for new enterprises that can record up to 25 times the disk capacity of data.

Although it seems a bit unbelievable that "It is possible to store data 25 times the disk capacity", what kind of technology is adopted at all?

Details are as follows.
New storage that can save up to 25 times the disk capacity of IBM by IBM

According to this release, IBM Japan today announced the virtual tape library device "IBM TS 7650 ProtecTIER Deduplication Appliance (IBM TS 7650 ProtecTIER Duplicate Data Reduction Appliance)" for enterprises.

"IBM TS 7650 ProtecTIER Deduplication Appliance" introduces a software product "IBM System Storage ProtecTIER Enterprise Edition" that stores data while deleting duplicate data to a dedicated gateway server, connects the server to the disk storage device It is stored in a dedicated chassis and can save up to 25 times the disk capacity by reducing redundant data at 500 MB per second with IBM's proprietary algorithm "HyperFactor".

By reducing overlapping data, costs can be reduced when storing large amounts of data, and the saved data is sent to a storage device installed at a remote place by reducing the size of the backup data Even when doing it, it is supposed that the line cost can be suppressed.

This is "IBM TS 7650 ProtecTIER Deduplication Appliance". There are 3 types of lineup: 7 TB, 18 TB, 36 TB.

In addition, the minimum price of the 7 TB model is 40.74 million 7400 yen, and the warranty period is one year. It is very difficult for individuals to reach this ....

If a storage system for individuals using this technology appears, it seems to be a good news for those who would like to back up their data frequently, but is there no plan to appear?

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