Statistical data by manufacturer / model of HDD failure rate 2016 version, the failure rate was the highest?

Backblaze operating at its own cloud storage data center investigated 71,200 HDDs and released statistical data on HDD failure rate by manufacturer and model in 2016.

2016 Hard Drive Reliabilty Benchmark Stats

Table of HDD failure rates published by Backblaze. From the left "manufacturer name" "model" "disk capacity" "operating number" "average period from purchase" "operation period" "number of failures" "failure rate" has become.

In the "8 TB" model, HGST's "HUH 728080 ALE 600" and Seagate's "ST 8000 NM 0055" have a failure rate of 0%, while Seagate's "ST 8000 DM 002" has a failure rate of 1.63%. The failure rate of "ST8000DM002" has 8660 operation units, which is much larger than the other two models.

"6 TB", Seagate's "ST 6000 DX000" and WDC "WD 60 EF RX" are two models. "ST6000DX000" has a failure rate of 0.85%, "WD60EFRX" recorded 5.49%.

"5 TB" is only one model of Toshiba's "MD 04 ABA 500 V". With the operation of 45 units, the failure rate was 2.22%.

"4 TB" model where the most models are operated. HGST marked a failure rate of 1% or less in all models. Toshiba's "MD 04 ABA 400 V" failure rate is 0%. Segate's "ST 4000 DM000" and "ST 4000 DX 000", and the WDC's "WD 40 EF RX", the failure rate in the "4 TB" model was high. Especially Seagate's "ST 4000 DX000" has a failure rate of 13.57%, which is the top of all the models including the model.

The last is "3 TB" model. The highest failure rate is 4.32% at Toshiba's "DT 01 ACA 300", followed by WD 30 "WD 30 EF RX" at 3.27%, HGST's "HDS 723030 ALA" is 2.22% and "HDS 5 C 3030 ALA" is 0.75%.

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