Backblaze, which operates about 150,000 HDDs, released the HDD failure rate report 2020 Q3 version, and the capacity is increasing such as 18TB model

Backblaze , which operates a cloud storage service, has released the third quarter (July-September) 2020 version of a report that summarizes the failure rate data of HDDs used in the servers operated by the company.

Backblaze Hard Drive Stats Q3 2020

At the end of the third quarter of 2020, Backblaze operates a total of 150,974 HDDs at all of its locations. The target of this survey is 150,757 units excluding models with less than 60 units, and the data summarizing the annual HDD failure rate (AFR) in the third quarter of 2020 is as follows.

Looking at the table, the failure rate of Seagate's 14TB 'ST14000NM001G', 16TB 'ST16000NM001G', and 18TB 'ST18000NM000J' is 0%, but these models are still in operation for a short time and 'low failure rate'. It is too early to come to the conclusion. Another model with a failure rate of 0% is Toshiba's 4TB 'MD04ABA400V', which has recorded a failure rate of 0% for seven consecutive terms. The most excellent HDD is the HGST 4TB 'HMS5C4040ALE640', which has a sufficiently long 'drive days' calculated from the number of operating days and the number of units for each model and a failure rate of 0%, but since it was discontinued in 2016, It is commented that new purchases should be avoided.

The overall failure rate was 0.89%, a decrease of 0.08% from 0.81% in the second quarter, but a significant improvement from 2.07% in the previous year. Even though business activities have been restricted due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we are working to further reduce the failure rate by adding 11,000 new HDDs with a total capacity of 150 PB (150,000 TB). That is.

Below is the total failure rate from the start of operation in 2013 to the end of September 2020 for all models operated by Backblaze as of the end of September 2020. 'Average number of working months (Avg Age)' is added to this data. The overall failure rate is 1.58%, an improvement of 0.06% from 1.64% in the previous fiscal year and 1.73% in the previous fiscal year to 0.15%. By model, the low failure rate of HGST HDDs is still alive, and the average operating months of Seagate's 6TB 'ST6000DX000' is as high as 65.9 months, indicating that it is aging.

Data on 190 HDDs that are 'less than 60' excluded in this survey are also available. Models with a status of 'Replacements' are HDDs that have been removed once but have been reused through the quality evaluation process specified by Backblaze. The model with the status 'New' is a newly introduced HDD, and Toshiba's 'MG08ACA16TA' will increase the number of operating units in the future.

As of 2013, when Backblaze started collecting HDD failure rate data, 6TB HDDs were considered to be 'large capacity', but as of 2020, even larger capacity HDDs such as 14TB and 16TB have become commonplace. .. As of 2019, the 14TB model was the largest HDD operated by Backblaze, but from 2020, 16TB and 18TB HDDs have also been introduced, and although the drive days are short, the initial performance is good. The company will continue to introduce large-capacity HDDs in the future.

All data from Backblaze's HDD Failure Rate Report since 2013 can be found below.

Backblaze Hard Drive Stats

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