BackBlaze publishes statistical data ``Statistical data by manufacturer / model 2022 edition'' summarizing the failure rate of SSD

Backblaze , which operates a large number of HDDs and SSDs in its own data center for a long period of time, publishes statistical data summarizing which manufacturers' HDDs are prone to failure every quarter. Such Backblaze has released ``Statistical data by manufacturer/model 2022 edition'' that summarizes SSD-related statistical data .

The SSD Edition: 2022 Drive Stats Review

Backblaze has been using SSDs as boot drives for storage servers since Q4 2018. Since then, all new servers and servers with HDD boot drive failures have used SSDs. As of December 31, 2022, the number of SSDs used by Backblaze as boot drives for storage servers was 2906, and 13 types of SSDs were in operation.

Below is the detailed data of the SSD operated in 2022. Of the 2906 SSDs in operation, 1104 are Seagate '

ZA250CM10003 '. There were 8 failures, and the failure rate was 0.73%. Similarly, Seagate's 'ZA250CM10002' was operated with 554 units, the number of failures was 11, and the failure rate was 1.98%, which was a relatively high failure rate. In addition, Crucial ' CT250MX500SSD1 ' had 3 failures in operation of 488 units, and the failure rate was 1.04%. 89 Micron 'MTFDDAV240TCB', 106 M.2 SSDs installed in PCIe slots, and 89 WDC ' WDS250G2B0A ' were operated, with one failure each. Although no failures occurred in other models, Backblaze said, ``Because these models have been in operation for less than 10,000 days, there is insufficient data to make reliable predictions about failure rates. No,” he said.

Below is the data for three years from 2020 to 2022. In 2020, the total number of operating days was 281,798 and the failure rate was 0.39%, but in 2021, the number of operating days increased to 627,843 and the failure rate increased to 1.05%. On the other hand, in 2022, the failure rate decreased slightly to 0.98%, although the number of operation days increased from 2021 to 934,441 days. Regarding the Crucial ``CT250MX500SSD1'', which had a high failure rate of 43.22% in 2021, BackBlaze said, ``Some early failures occurred in 2021, but they recovered well in 2022.'' Also, in 2022, Seagate 'ZA250CM10003', '

ZA500GM10001 ', 'ZA250NM110', and WDC ' WD Blue SA510 2.5 ' will be introduced. It is said that the number of operation days is insufficient to judge the height.

Below is the monthly average temperature of SSD. There were an average of 67,724 measurements per month, and the SSD temperature remained relatively stable between 34.4°C and 35.4°C.

Below are the number of SSD temperature measurements. The mean temperature was 39.4°C, the median was 35°C, and the mode was 35°C. BackBlaze also measured the temperature of the failed SSD, but it has not been published due to the small number of failures, 25.

Below is a table showing the cumulative number of failures from the fourth quarter of 2018 to December 31, 2022. The cumulative failure rate was 1.04% at the end of 2021, but it has slightly decreased to 0.89% at the end of 2022. In addition, BackBlaze hopes that

the confidence interval of all SSDs, including models that have been in operation for a short time, will be 1.0% or less, and SSDs that meet this standard are M.2 standard Dell 'DELLBOSS VD' 0.00%, 0.66% of Seagate 'ZA250CM10003', and 0.96% of Seagate 'ZA250CM10002' are only 3 models.

The data set used in this statistics can be confirmed from the following page.

Backblaze Hard Drive Stats

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