Toshiba develops large capacity NAND flash memory for mobile phones of up to 4 GB

It is said that Toshiba has developed "mobileLBA-NAND" large capacity NAND flash memory for mobile phones. A lineup from 2 gigabit (about 500 MB) of recording capacity to 32 gigabit (about 4 GB) of maximum is prepared, and replacement from the conventional product is possible. As far as you see the image, there are only about 1.35 cm ....

By being able to store up to 4 GB of data, it seems easier to enjoy music and movies on cell phones than ever.

Details are as follows.
On the release of large-capacity NAND flash memory new products for mobile phones

According to this release, the large-capacity NAND flash memory "mobileLBA-NAND" for mobile phones, which was commercialized this time, combines an area for storing programs and the like and a data storage area on one memory chip to arbitrarily It is possible to reduce the number of chips and to realize space saving.

Moreover, it adopts a general-purpose NAND interface, it is easy to replace from a conventional product, and it is suitable for storing data of the high-quality camera and music player function installed in recent mobile phones up to 32 We are preparing models with gigabit (about 4 GB) storage capacity.

Does this make normal mobile phones with memory exceeding 1 GB normal?

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