Kirin Beverage "Berry · Latte from Kitchen in the World" Tasting Review

Berry · Latte using roast raspberry and white chocolate which joined the "From the Kitchen of the World" series of Kirin Beverage finally lined up in convenience stores in the neighborhood, so I bought it and drank it. Although this series has many goods which are always worrisome, this time seems to be from the kitchen in Finland.

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Kirin Beverage | From the kitchen of the world

"Berry · Latte" uses roasted raspberry and white chocolate.

It seems to be delicious as the sourness is relieved when you bake the berries.

Roasted raspberry juice etc. are used.

80 kcal per 100 ml.

Ichigo I feel like a girl. It's just as sweet as white chocolate and raspberry. It seems that the roasted raspberry sour taste disappears when roasted, but for that reason the raspberry's distinctive acidity disappears and it makes it difficult to understand what berry juice it is. It might be good for those who like sweets like hot chocolate.

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