Kirin Beverage "From the kitchen of the world to a peacock peach fulleux" tasting review

I bought Kirin Beverage "From the Kitchen of the World" series 3rd "Tonorito Peach Fulune". Also, since the first "Peel pickled honey lemon" was also renewed, I purchased it again and tried drinking it.

Review from below.
Kirin Beverage | From the kitchen of the world

"Peel pickled honey lemon" and a yoghurt taste "Tonsetto peach Fluegu" with a grime.

Peel pickled honey lemon is Italy, rough peach Fluegy belongs to Hungarian family.

Peel pickled honey and lemon raw materials.

Raw materials of fluffy peach.

There is a deposit on the bottom of the Fulung person.

Peel pickled honey lemon, color is muddy like a pocari sweat.

The color is thin, but not so much as to see the other side. The taste is like a sports drink which seems to be somehow energy. Sweetness and sourness live together, refreshing and refreshing.

Fulgan, it looks like a milk drink.

The taste is fruit taste Yakult or it seems to be a kind of Calpis.

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