Cute, but definitely NOT Asian -High resolution pics of "DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION" came out

Dragonball Evolution, the hollywood live-action adaption of Dragon Ball is coming out in Japan on March 13th, prior to the rest of the world.

Here's some newly released high-resolution stills and promotion pictures of the movie, starring Justin Chatwin as Son Goku and Emmy Rossum as Bulma.
20th Century Fox Presents :: Dragonball Evolution

IMDb - Dragonball Evolution (2009)

Goku and Bulma.

All right, nothing as drastic as the "all Caucasian" casting of The Last Airbender (the movie adaption of Avatar), they actually casted a bunch of Asian.

As for Goku, he's supposed to be from another planet in the anime and manga so maybe it doesn't count, he even goes blond-and-blue-eyed later when he transforms into a Super Saiyan, and Bulma's got turquoise hair and curvy figure you can't really tell her origin.

But generally speaking, aside from the cast, we get the feeling that the movie is going to be some kind of a bad marriage between The Karate Kid and Chinese Ghost Story. With a post-apocalyptic touch? and Buffy, of course.

Justin Chatwin as Goku.

Emmy Rossum as Bulma.

Roshi and Goku.

Bulma's got a streak of turquoise hair.

Chi Chi fighting herself?

Production picture.

As for Japanese live-action movies based on manga and anime, these days they tend to aim at being true to the original, like the incredible hairdo of Jun Kaname as Jaguar Junichi in Pyuu To Fuku! Jaguar The Movie or Kyoko Fukada (known for her roll of weird but insanely cute Momoko in Kamikaze Girls) as Doronjo in the coming YatterMan movie.

Jun Kaname as Jaguar Junichi.

You can see some pics of Kyoko Fukada as Doronjo from the link below.

(Japanese)News ORICON STYLE -Kyoko Fukada in Doronjo's costume

We weren't expecting this rate of faithfulness, but still. At least Roshi could have been a horny bald guy in turtle shell? Maybe the horny part is implied in his T-shirt though.

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