Hollywood live-action version movie "Dragon Ball" trailer leaks on the net

It is a trailer for the Hollywood live-action version movie "Dragon Ball" that was expected to be released soon, but it has flowed out on the net ahead of time.

This trailer was the world's fastest published in "Brand Licensing Europe 2008", and Piccolo Great Demon King who is not a green skin has appeared.

Playback is from the following.
Dragonball Bootleg Teaser Trailer - Trailer Addict

YouTube - Dragonball The Movie Teaser Trailer

When I look at it again, I got an article on GIGAZINE before "Is it part of the trailer of live-action movie version "Dragon Ball" spill out?The image seems to be correct.

Although the color of Piccolo's skin is not green in the movie, it seems that it probably will change to green in the battle scene.

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