Finally the latest promotion video of "Monster Hunter 3 (Try)" leaked

The other day in Capcom's popular series at GIGAZINE the other dayThe undisclosed footage of 'Monster Hunter 3' and anything stupid are released at a karaoke shopWe informed you that the latest official promotional image was leaked at last.

The state that monsters rush around narrowly on the vast stages such as underwater and plains with background majestic music behind is deep power.

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Details are as follows.
This is the official promotion image of "Monster Hunter 3". Besides being hunted by monster opponents underwater by hunters, there are scenes such as monsters playing with water, battle between Dragons and others.

It is somewhat interesting movie, but apparently it was filmed at the venue of "Nintendo Conference 2008 Fall" held on October 2.
YouTube - Monster Hunter 3

As you can see, it is more powerful than you see on the screen picture.

· 15:20 postscript
The movie above has been deleted, but another movie seems to be uploading a new movie.

YouTube - New Monster Hunter 3 Trailer.

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