I want to eat delicious Okonomiyaki! So I went to Sonezaki head office of "Okonomiyaki Yukari"

In fact, to make it an article one year ago "Okonomiyaki YukariAlthough I was going to go, all projects and movies were lost, this project that had been stored as it was, its name is also "I want to eat delicious Okonomiyaki!Although it is finally reviving this time, if it goes anywaySonezaki Main StoreWell, if you are at the head office, you can also eat rice porter "Odojiji" that you won in TEKO - 1 GP (Takeo One Grand Prix)! That's why I went there.

This time I ate ate soft stewed cow streaks (skewers) with garlic sauce and exquisite gems sprinkled with curry powder "Midosuji"Founded in 1951 Yukari famous specialty"Yukari-yaki"Huge okonomiyaki with a weight of about 1 kilometer and a diameter of 30 cm"Osaka Castle', Plenty of green onions'Mixed green onions"Using iodine eggs 3"Omrette yakisoba"Okonomiyaki to eat at the original Ten Tsuyu"Naniwa-yaki", Cheddar Gouder · Gurumer Mini · Process · Fondue each cheese was put in"Baked inageAll seven types.

For that reason, I recorded a lot of Oshimatsu's favorite grill while making a delicious sound with Juwatto, so please take a look at its locus. The mountainous pictures are from the following.
Sonezaki Originally arrived at Sonezaki head office in Tenjin Street.

The opening hours are from 11 o'clock to 25 o'clock and the order stop is 24:20.

The entrance is like this

There is a big golden lever at the entrance. This is a person who won the women's limited event "gold tech contenders favorite Attack 2008" (an event that competes for how many pieces you can eat a huge favorite grill called "Osaka castle" in one hour) using naming rights It is one when I changed the name. "Witch Sugawara-yaki" is turned on .... When I examine it,"Witch" Koji Sugawara (44) won 1 pounds of Okonomiyaki "Osaka Castle" five times a day to winIt seems that it has become like this.

There are various menus written at the entrance

So I moved inside the store. The Yukari iron plate seems to be a hot rolled iron plate of 8 mm thick "Suehirou" type.

Low additive sauce, toppori, bluish, and mysterious miso.

Miso is to make it dry. In addition,Toro sauceThere is also.

The official name is "Misorajan"

I feel a sense of tsukesu danger, secret

The menu looks something like this

Disposable chopsticks

This is a leco placed in front of each person (iron or spatula, although the official name seems to be "wedding money" for the time being, but we will unify it here).

Looking carefully, it is "cracked".

It is the usual lever that is on the right.

I ordered what I ordered while I was doing that. I will bake in front of you from now.

It makes me splendidly tremendously. I will post the movie later, but the goodness of the work is amazing. On the far right is "Midosuji" sprinkled with curry powder finished with garlic soy sauce, soft stewed bovine streaks (skewers).

On the forefront is Okonomiyaki "Naniwa-yaki" to eat with the original Tianyu.

"Mixed green onions" where plenty of leeks entered plenty of what is behind "Naniwa roast".

We began making "Fromage bake" which puts in each cheese of Cheddar Godder · Gurumail Mini · Process · Fondue

Extremely cheese ... ....

Increasingly ...

Finally I will spend the rest from the top

Located to the far left is Yukari-yaki, a famous specialty shop in Showa 28 years founded

Konnyaku is the square. This brings a really good texture.

This Okonomiyaki is a method of using half of the mixed powder and placing the other half on top. To a level where thickness is not hemispheric.

Let's reorganize. This is "Mixed green onion".

This is "Midosuji".

Yukarin specialties "Yukari-yaki".

"Chef's baked" which put cheese in it.

I turned over "Midosuji". It looks like pancakes.

Everything was turned over, the masterpiece.

Each size is like this

"Midosuji" is quite thick.

As the streak meat is still contained, the thickness seems to increase by that much. This skewer will be pulled out later.

"Yukari-yaki" is slightly thicker than usual

The reason is this shrimp. I can see my head. This is a landmark.

Also "Mix onion grill" is common

"Fromage" is thick. I mean, cheese is swelling.

"Naniwa-yaki" is usually thick enough.

It gave me to the middle. Something amazing.

Arrived "Omrette yakisoba" which was separately baked there

This is "Omrette yakisoba"

The size ratio looks like this

There are plenty of yakisoba in the inside. Yukarina noodle line seems to be "real strike" with enthusiasm.

Meat is also fat

I will cut it by lever

It's okay. The taste itself looks exquisitely from the taste of the egg and the source taste of the fried noodle, and the meat etc of the ingredients are dancing.

Tensuyu appeared this time while you are doing it. It will be warmed on the iron plate.

The warmed heavenly tuna is put in this square exclusive vessel which put the grated radish

Let's pour it like this

Good vibes

The final finish while saying.

It will paint the sauce with exquisite amount which is not too much and not too small. How can I say if you watch a movie to be posted later, it is good handiness as if the pastry cheeses apply the chocolate sauce to the cake.

Petapeta coloring. The protruding sauce is making a sound on the iron plate.

Mayonnaise from the top. It is said to be P, B (custom order) goods of health vegetable oil and fresh iodine egg.

I baked green onion and I had Ponzu painted.

Finally put mustard and completed

Firstly from "Midosuji".

Feeling that the texture of cow stripe is raising the rating of your favorite baking.

The soft part and the part of Korikori play a unique harmony.

Next is "Cheumsee's slow" "Fromage baked"

It looks like a pizza. The taste is extremely rich and it is quite heavy, but it is really ingenious and delicious.

Next, this Yukari specialty 'Yukari-yaki' is orthodox-like, but overwhelming tasty. It is a high taste of completeness.

"Yukari-yaki" contains a small dice-shaped konjac, which gives a change in the texture of your favorite grill, which tends to be monotonous.

"Mixed green onion", dried coat. The taste of ponzu sauce is overwhelming, a refreshing aftertaste. Perhaps it is most suitable for eating as the last shark.

Okonomiyaki "Naniwa-yaki" to eat with Ten-Tsuyu, it looks normal, but the taste changes greatly when attached to Tsutsuyu.

The surface is lightly crispy and the contents feel quite fluffy.

It is exquisite to eat it with Tianmu in this way. I can go mushy.

And finally we arrived there with a huge okonomiyaki "Osaka castle" with a weight of about 1 kilometer and a diameter of 30 centimeters.


Materials include shrimp, scallops, pigs, squid, mushi shrimp, eggs, etc.

Egg's maturity is really good. As it is measured, moderate Toro - Rise Adjustment does not accumulate.

Onsen is dancing fluttering above and appetizes. Please enjoy this with the movie later.

Even if it cuts it is too big to ride a small dish. The taste was also the best.

That's why it is a complete meal. Thank you for the meal!

However, it is difficult to say that this picture of still images, especially the still image of Yoshimi Okonomiyaki Sonezaki head office, has not been understood yet with still pictures. What is amazing, the goodness of making that okonomiyaki. Let's taste Okonomiyaki who are making a tremendous effort with uncut because we recorded and recorded how it is amazing with the HD movie, so feel the air in the store, delicious sound of Juwa Juwait.

Playback is from the following.

· Continued
By the time we finish watching, until you finish your favorite grill of "Okonomiyaki Yukari" that you would like to eat your favorite fried no-cut movie

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