Answer that warrior who does not know fear, 37% P2P user ignore warning and continue file exchange

For users who used file exchange software in GIGAZINE before,Measures to forcibly disconnect the Internet connection have been implementedI told you that it was revealed that 37% of P2P users responded that they will continue file exchange even if the warning "disconnect" arrives.

In other words, does P2P users continue to download without giving warnings like warriors who do not know fears are not few?

Details are as follows.
37% of P2P users say they'll ignore disconnection threats

According to this article, it seems that introduction of file exchange countermeasure program called "graduated response" is considered in USA, UK, France etc.

"Graduated response" means that users who are exchanging files are given a first warning first, then users who do not stop file exchange even after receiving the second warning, It breaks it.

And in the study conducted in March 2008, 70% of users who received the first warning said that they mentioned that they will stop file exchange, which is very high for "graduated response" It seems that expectations were received.

However, in the latest detailed survey, it is 41% of the total who simply responded that they simply cautioned that file exchange will be canceled, and when mention is made in the warning message to disconnect the Internet connection About 63% of the total users who quit file exchanges also got results.

In other words, despite being mentioned about cutting, it seems that 37% of respondents say that they do not stop exchanging files. That's amazing, is not this ....

It seems that the copyright organization and the P2P user's wandering are continuing forever, but is there a possibility that a drastic countermeasure to eradicate P2P might be done? It is a very worrisome place.

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