Although Google and Apple announced that "most vulnerabilities in CIA hacking have been addressed", the situation remains dangerous

Secret material that WikiLeaks reveals the actual condition of hacking by CIAVault 7Publicly announced, the concern about vulnerability such as Google's Android and Apple's iOS pointed out that it is being used for hacking is spreading. Google and Apple have announced a comment that "We have addressed the vulnerability", but it is a reality that it is far from resolving the problem completely.

Apple says most vulnerabilities in Wikileaks docs are already patched | TechCrunch

Google: We've fixed most of CIA's alleged Android exploits

'Many' Android exploits in WikiLeaks CIA files are already fixed

You can find out about the actual state of secret intelligence activities by CIA, such as hacking Android terminal and iPhone to steal information or snooping Samsung's smart TV and secretly recording conversation inside the room, see the following article .

WikiLeaks releases a confidential document "Vault 7" that reveals the actual state of CIA's secret intelligence operations such as "hacking cars and assassinating them" and "recording conversations in rooms with TV" - GIGAZINE

About the vulnerability problem that Android software exposed by Vault 7 is used for hacking Heather Adakins, Information Security and Privacy Director of Google, "When I checked Vault 7, I found that both Google Chrome and Android in the browser We've confirmed that many security vulnerabilities have been fixed by security updates and that users are protected. " According to Mr. Adakins, further analysis of Vault 7 is ongoing, and the necessary support will be introduced from time to time from now on. Also, AppleTechCrunch"Apple is committed to protecting the privacy and security of its users. In the initial analysis, many of the problems revealed in Vault 7 are already patched in the latest iOS We will continue to make efforts to further recommend the latest security updates in the future. "As I said, as with Android, I have revealed that many of the vulnerabilities of iOS have already been resolved .

The remarkable thing is Google / Apple's remarks itself. For WikiLeaks' exposed CIA's confidential document "Vault 7", the authenticity and truth of the content has not been confirmed yet. However, Google and Apple's response is based on the premise that there is a feasibility of cyber attack that violates the vulnerability of the application revealed at least in Vault 7, and it strongly guesses the actual situation of hacking by CIA and It is getting.

Google and Apple have said that many of the vulnerabilities have been fixed, but only to "to apply the latest security update" to the last. According to Vault 7, the data on the CIA hacking tool was created from 2013 to 2016, and relatively old terminals such as Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, 4.4 KitKat on Android 4.7 KitKat, and iOS 7.0, It can be. However, with both Android and iOS, the old terminal may be terminated OS update or security update. Terminals sold from major carriers are often officially not compatible with the latest OS update, so in view of the fact that users who are currently unable to apply security updates are still being used by users, cyber attacks It seems to be said that the possibility of receiving it has not been completely eliminated.

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