Power Spot "Karube Shrine" Dedicated to Women's Breast

Weird? But you shouldn't make fun, these are sacred. These titty-shaped pincushiony things are Ema(votive wooden plate) offered to "Chichigamisama (Goddess of breast)" at "Karube-jinja (Karube shrine)", Soja city, Okayama.

Read on and explore the mystic site.
City of SOJA -Sightseeing -Karube jinja

Karube Shrine is located in Kiyonekarube, Soja. Ten minutes' walk (three minutes by taxi) from Kiyone station (JR Hakubi Line).

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The Tarachine Bridge.

Enter through the torii gate.

This shrine was built in 1678.

This is the main temple.

Karube shrine used to have a great shidarezakura (weeping cherry) tree called “Tarachine no Sakura”in its precincts which was worshipped by the villagers. It died at 1940.

What's left of "Tarachine no Sakura".

Let's take a look inside.

Boobs all over the wall.

Most are dedicated to wishes for easy delivery of a baby and smooth breastfeeding. There were wishes to heal breast cancers and prayers to be free of relapse as well.

"Finally I've got a baby. Hope he drinks a lot of his milk."

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