"If you go to Arashiyama lantern sushi you can see the fire in Goyama" so I went to the site

Speaking of the sixteenth day of the Bon festival,Arashiyama lantern basket sink"And" Fire of Goyama "are famous, and"If you go to Arashiyama lantern sushi you can see the fire from Goyama thereI listened to the story that I went to Arashiyama.

Arrived at Arashiyama station to around 18 o'clock

Arashiyama station signboard is like a tree

The bench is also different from ordinary

The garbage can also be fancy like this

Information on extra trains

Discover people in the form of Yukata

Where I left Hankyu Arashiyama station

In front of the station, it's got it.

Traffic regulation is between 19:00 and 21:00

To Katsuragawa

A lot of shops too

Discover people cool in the river

When I look up to the bridge ...... what the amount of this person ......

There are lots of people near Katsuragawa

A lot of people

Goal spot

On Bridge. People will increase rapidly as time goes on. At this time it's past 18:10.

Priest a box

Although it does not reflect much on television and the like, in fact it sells lanterns that flow like this

Lantern Sales Office

A lantern is 1,000 yen per unit, an additional water tower is 200 yen

If you tell this kind of name, legal name, or common name etc, you can write it. Even just "OO family ancestor generation" is OK.

There is also "handwritten corner" to handwrite by yourself

You write like this

Then bring the complete set of lanterns to the lantern custody

Then it accepts like this. Easy and easy to use. In Nakanoshima Park, it is 10 o'clock to 21 o'clock, and in the Ogawa Teramachi Park (Beppu Togetsubashi Park) we accept from 10:00 to 19:30, so if you see the lantern flowing and think that "we want to shed a house," haste It flushes on the spot.

We are packing fire brigades as well

This is the platform on which many lanterns are mounted

Creating a lantern

In this way, we will make steadily lanterns in front of us like this

It is shed from here

Origin of Arashiyama lantern basket sink

A large pine stands out well, but something signs at the base ... ...

Guide of 1,000 yen for lanterns

I see something on that mountain ... ...

What is visible over there is Goyama 's fire. I have not ignited it yet.

It seems that he used the entire river about 20 years ago, because he was stuck at the edge of the river and stuck with a clothespin every time, it was gradually becoming like this now That it was.

Overall view

Lanterns will be prepared more and more

Please let me know.

That over there is a goal

Famous Togetsu bridge famous for people coming out of mountains

Arashiyama Lantern Basket, Before You Start Togetsukyo Bridge - YouTube

A tremendous amount of people

On the bridge is like this before traffic regulation begins

Start point of lantern sinking seen from the bridge

The entire venue as seen from the bridge

The feeling that people are steadily flowing toward the place where lantern bouquet is done. At this time around 18:30, the remaining 30 minutes until the start.

It looks like this once again looking around the surroundings.

Arashiyama lantern basket shedding, appearance before the start - YouTube

That's why the next is the start of the lantern shedding from 19 o'clock.

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Arashiyama lantern basket sink photo report, Goyama's spy is seen from Arashiyama like this

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