A photograph taken in the year Marilyn Monroe died, about 13 million yen at the auction

Actress Marilyn Monroe, which is characterized by red lips and hooks and is famous for its sexy nature. In 1962 when she passed away, the photographs taken for the magazines were presented to the auction and they were bought at a very high price.

Details are as below.
Marilyn Monroe pics sold for nearly $ 150,000 - International Business Times -

The world famous auction houseChristie'sAccording to a spokesperson, 36 pictures of Marilyn Monroe photographed by Bad Stern in order to be posted on the magazine "VOGUE" were bought for 146,500 dollars (about 13 million yen). These pictures were taken in 1962 when Marilyn Monroe died of suspicious death, which seems to be expensive as it is a photograph of the last Marilyn Monroe by experts. In addition, it is said that still more than 100 other photos of Marilyn Monroe are currently being exhibited.

A photograph of Marilyn Monroe by Bad Stern, which is also sold as a photo collection called The Last Sitting (last pose), looks like this.
YouTube - The Last Sitting (Pictorial)

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