Pictures of footprints of Yukio sell for 810,000 yen

It seems that Yeti's footprint photograph was bidding for 3500 pounds (about 810,000 yen) at the London auction. It is doubtful whether the footprint of Yeti is truly, but as this picture was posted in "UK Times", the existence of Yeti became famous worldwide, so some people may have historical value .

Yeti's footprint photo is from below.'Yeti' footprint shot fetches £ 3,500

The picture was taken by Eric Earle Shipton, a mountaineering team headed for Everest in 1951.

It was sent at the auction with the theme of exploration and travel at Christie's in the auction house. In addition, it seems that after arriving at the South Pole in 1912, sleeping bags of Lawrence Oates who died on the way back were exhibited.

Christie's exhibit details page.
CHRISTIE'S - Lot Detail

Since the valuation is 1800 to 2500 pounds, the actual successful bid amount of 3,500 pounds seems to be a pretty good value.

From the link below you can see other footprint photos taken by Eric Earle Shipton. »Yeti Track Photos Sold

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